Capability Building

We work with companies to develop the capability of key people and functions in an organisation.

The Insight Traction Approach:

  • Helps companies become more consumer and shopper focused.
  • Identifies the right priorities for companies to focus on.  Then aligns the right people behind these priorities.
  • Allows companies talk to customers in the right way.
  • Helps companies get the best value from their insight investment.

We work with companies in a number of ways.

We work with several companies on an ongoing basis, coaching and advising, weekly.

Other companies use us to train their teams, through a series of workshops.

We can tailor our service to meet your requirements.

Why Us?

Experience & Expertise: As heads of insight teams, we have front line experience managing these functions.  We have a huge amount of consumer and shopper knowledge.  We have contacts in many of the Retailers and data organisations, such as Kantar.  We know what things should cost.

Collaboration & Partnership: We are present, on site to make change happen.  We are highly responsive to your needs.  We want to look and feel like part of your team.

To read some of our case studies click here.

If you’d like to know more about our capability building, please call or email us.

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