Category Strategy

A great Category Strategy…

  • Identifies and focuses on the things (insights) that really matter in the category.
  • Is specific.  Hones in on what things mean for that particular category – e.g. not just “health”, but the angle on health e.g. “5 a day”.
  • Is directive.  Identifies what you need to do (Drivers) and how you need to do it (Critical Moves) and prioritises.
  • Tells a a simple, clear and memorable story.  People get it, remember it and can play it back.

We have developed a lot of category strategies.  These set out how a category can grow and what you need to do to drive that growth.  We have also developed a lot of point of purchase strategies.  These set out how you most effectively sell a category – now and in the future.

Shelf We worked with a leading household goods manufacturer to create a Category Strategy for each of their Paper categories.  We are now working with them to develop a European Category strategy for Hygiene.
Shelf We worked with the UK’s fastest growing healthy snacking brand to develop a Category Strategy for UK Retail.
Shelf We worked with a leading branded manufacturer to develop a ‘Health & Wellbeing’ Macro Category Vision.

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The Case for Category Strategy

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