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5 Ways Brands Can Wean Themselves Off Promotions

Many UK FMCG companies aspire to sell a lower proportion of their products on promotion.  It is easier said than done.  Whilst at total grocery level there is a move towards fewer promotions, there are still many brands and categories struggling to “get off the promotional drug”.  It is not uncommon to hear of brands […]

Better AND cheaper: Aldi’s Local offering is a real threat in convenience

The business book Blue Ocean Strategy challenges a paradigm held by many marketeers.  It suggests that rather than deciding to focus on product differentiation OR price, companies should aspire and plan to improve BOTH at once.  In other words, to get better AND cheaper.  That is the way to sustainable and even spectacular growth. This […]

How Waitrose and M&S should prepare for the Ocado switch

In Grocery, price matters and proximity matters.  But the shopper’s choice of Retailer is also heavily influenced by the shopping experience and the product range, especially the food.  The M&S/Ocado joint venture will have serious implications for Retailers and Suppliers but it will also be a fascinating, real-time experiment in shopper decision making.  Will those […]

How is Lidl maintaining its winning streak and what can we learn?

Lidl continues to pile growth on growth, month after month, year after year.  In Kantar’s latest data, their sales are up 7% versus a year ago, and market share is at 5.3%.  There is almost certainly more growth to come, helped by a continuing stream of new stores, as they enter many towns for the […]

How Aldi Keeps Getting Things Right

Aldi and Lidl have had a profound impact on our industry in the last five years, taking almost all the growth, and triggering significant re thinking across Retailers and Suppliers. This industry adjustment is not complete. Kantar tell us that Aldi continue to grow market share – by half a percentage point in the latest […]

Going Further: the secret of Home Bargains’ success

TJ Morris’s Home Bargains boast that they were recently ranked 6th in the Which? list of top 100 stores in the UK; tied with Apple Stores.  Yes, you read that right.   They have over 400 outlets and are talking publicly about 800.  They are a serious player in grocery, especially in ambient food and personal […]

Learning from B&M

B&M continue to perform strongly and are now big players in categories like toys, core grocery, snacking, household and personal care.  They talk confidently about their disruptive business model and are due to open fifty new stores this year.  How are they achieving this, what can we learn, and how should the rest of the […]

What can be learned from the success of Poundland?

Poundland recently reported annual sales at around £1.5 billion, with steady like-for-like growth. They are significant players in categories like Snacking, Food to Go, Core Grocery and Personal Care. How are they achieving this, what can we learn, and how should the rest of the industry respond? The stores are well managed, tidy and welcoming, […]

Fundamentals of category management: Know your retailer

There are fundamental principles that all good category strategies obey. One of these is to properly understand the retailer. You can have great consumer and shopper insight but if you don’t understand the retailer perspective and environment, you will not secure category growth. So what are the fundamental principles for growing categories with retailers? Here […]