Channel Strategy

A great Channel Strategy…

  • Sets out a clear view on where to play and how to win either across channels or within a given channel.
  • Is clear on what to sell and how to sell it in any given channel(s).
  • Identifies what the ‘big things’ that will ensure success in the channel(s) are.
  • Sets direction for what you do now and what you do in the future (as the channel(s) develop).
  • Informs and influences innovation and wider business plans e.g. portfolio requirements for discounters, product quality expectations for eCommerce

We have developed a lot of channel strategies.  They range from helping companies determine ‘Where to Play’ across multiple channels; to ‘How to Win’ in an individual channel and setting executional guidelines and directing ‘What to Do’ in a channel playbook.

Spirit shelf We worked with a leading branded spirits manufacturer to develop a Global E-Commerce Strategy.
Yoghurt We worked with a leading branded dairy manufacturer to develop three channel playbooks to direct their execution in Convenience, Discounters and E-Commerce.
Produce shelf We worked with a leading UK branded & own label manufacturer to develop an ‘On the Go’ channel strategy for their food to go range.

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