Shopper Marketing Strategy

Great Shopper Marketing…

  • Is rooted in an understanding of how shoppers think, behave and make decisions.
  • Is about doing the right things at the right point in the shopper journey.
  • Is about doing things consistently well – over time and across retailers.
  • Is about influencing activities (e.g. NPD, pack design, messaging) at the start of the development process not just towards the end.

We do work on the path to purchase.  Understanding the shopper journey and what you need to do to sell effectively at each stage of that journey.  We develop shopper marketing toolkits and execution guidelines to direct how you design and deploy key shopper assets.  We run a lot of shopper marketing workshops to build the capability of marketing, category and sales teams.

Danone We worked with a leading food and drinks manufacturer to develop their Shopper Marketing toolkits and develop and roll out their Shopper Marketing capability programme globally.
Ice cream We worked with a leading food, personal care and household manufacturer to develop and roll out a ‘Good to Great’ promotions workshop globally.
Waitrose We worked with a leading UK retailer to review their sub brand packaging using our Packaging Assessment tool.

Spotlight on SRP:

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) is just one element in your shopper marketing toolkit.  Here’s how we think you can make it really deliver…

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